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Nova Twins



Check out some pictures of NOVA TWINS. At first glance you think: oh how cute, Mattel has finally come up with another alternative to the Margot Robbie-esque gold mine called Barbie, an alternative that connects more with the urban youth anno 2024. Then watch some live video of that same Nova Twins, after your spring roll with brown rice that you played in to an hour before is catapulted back upstairs by the shooting, you're dancing in your living room until you have to call your parents with the lamentable notification that something happened to the couch. Completely fucked up but keep that to yourself. Just mention that you've already called IKEA for a replacement. That's what Nova Twins does to you: it makes you crumble, like your parents did back in the day when they heard Rage Against The Machine on the radio. Nova Twins is a duo from London made up of two ladies, one (Amy, git./vocals) of Nigerian/Iranian descent and the other (Georgia, bass) has Jamaican roots, and it's been since that time we feared for our lives because we were being chased by three broken-out American pit bulls and looked back that we've observed so much attitude. By the way, those from Nova Twins don't dabble in any particular genre; in their frying pan you'll find just as many quacks of nu-metal, hip-hop/raprock, unctuous indie rock, a few middle fingers and greasy funk. Palatable.  In their native UK, they have been held in high regard for several years, with their records "Who are the girls?" (2020) and "Supernova" (2022) are competing for the major music awards. And those who saw them at Rock Werchter last year left their childhood behind permanently on the meadow and will never return to dancing to "Met de trein naar Oostende" or "Oya Lélé. To be seen with us on Tuesday, August 6.