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It had been coming for years but this year it finally happened: NOVASTAR, the main source of income of prodigy Joost Zweegers, finally has a best of out and it's called "The best is yet to come."  Those must have been fun meetings at Zweegers' house, diving into a gigantic repertoire that consists of nothing but pearls anyway, hoisting the finest specimens on board, in order to get started. That getting down to business refers to part two of the master plan: re-recording the songs with a bunch of experienced British pros at the Abbey Road studios. We suspect Zweegers had to squeeze his own upper arm several times to prove to himself that he wasn't dreaming. The songs themselves, of course, belong in the ring where only heavyweights are allowed to box. So his "Wrong," "The best is yet to come" and "Closer to You" have to be weighed against Beatles- or Bowie-level artists. We mean: let Zweegers write a soundtrack for a horse mill and still he comes off with unadulterated world class. It seems to us that the man has encountered so many beautiful things on the path of life that he was able to purge the most beautiful songs possible from them. And with his setbacks, he did just the same. So Novastar, it should come as no surprise that he will be closing a full evening program that is already full of pomp (Richard Hawley) and circumstance (Chris Isaak) on Wednesday, August 7. We know you have been spoiled for years by our rock-solid ten days, but clearly the best is yet to come.