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Prins S. en De Geit

Club Studio Brussel


A long time ago in royal The Hague, Prince S. lived in a tower as high as 42 stories called "Het Strijkijzer". Composer/producer Marne also found a safe haven there. They met regularly in the common rooms and a beautiful friendship developed. During their games of ping pong, they got talking about goats and music. After hearing Prince S' demo "Nacht," Marne was so excited and immediately started working on the lyrics and mix. Childhood friend Daniel - producer and sound engineer- made the perfect mix. After a matchless two years full of highlights, the charming Prince S. together with his loyal goats will release the album 'Rood Staan Hard Gaan' on November 25. A collection of previously released songs along with two new tracks.
Things are going well for Prins S. and De Geit. After they poured their first singles out over the world from the tower in The Hague, they got to come and show their skills live at many a festival. Noorderslag, Appelpop, Lowlands and many other magical festivals were played completely flat in the summer of 2022 and more and more goats followed Prins S.. Single by single they showed a little more of themselves each time, but the story is not yet finished... The album 'Rood Staan Hard Gaan' puts all these singles and new material in the right place, completing the first chapter of Prins S. en De Geit. Beat professor Daniel fiddles around with the electronic knobs and sliders, Guitar Goat Marne plays his guitar to heaven after a miraculous resurrection, and Prins S. poetically sings of flight into the night. The entire story of Rood Staan Hard Gaan, about Kim, Stefan, Rikkie, Yousef, birds, snakes, a bowl of mayonnaise and going home alone again, can now be experienced in stereo. Relive "Gastenlijst," "Nacht," "Kinderboerderij" but also enjoy the new tracks "Als Punk Geen Muziek Is" and the title track "Rood Staan Hard Gaan. It's the icing on the cake and a fresh load of tracks are already waiting for next year. Stream 'm hard, after all, you paid your streaming subscription anyway.