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The Bony King Of Nowhere

Club Studio Brussel


We never want to talk about the pandemic itself again but there is indeed a life before and a life after Covid. Before the worldwide condemnation to quarantine, for example, Bram Vanparys managed to put together a record ("Silent days," 2018) for which the whole of pop-loving Belgium fell to its knees in Hallelujah mood. "Silent days" still holds up today as one of the finest patriotic records of the decade. During and after the pandemic, however, for a few years it seemed that musical thoroughbred Vanparys had suffered the Robinson Crusoe fate: no one found him and no cell phone mast to be found on that uninhabited island, of course, so we couldn't even send him a text message asking where he was. Well, the man mostly took his time digging up a treasure chest full of wonderful songs and look, new record "Everybody knows" (2024) blows all sky-high expectations to pieces one by one. More even, because words are no stranger to us we say this without embarrassment: "Everybody knows" is an LP that would not be out of place in the sumptuous patrimony that Radiohead has given us so far. Anyone who listens to the album agrees with us: every speck of dust that THE BONY KING OF NOWHERE touches is carefully crafted into a nugget of gold, and if you don't blindly believe in fairy tales, you should listen to 'Falling into place' or 'Perfect sense' for yourself.  The concert that The Bony King of Nowhere will play at our Club Studio Brussel on Wednesday, August 7, therefore announces itself as a collective anointing, as three quarters of an hour of greatest hits and as one of the finest festival concerts of 2024.