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Club Studio Brussel


No, the Katholieke VrouwenBond is not performing with us this year either, and Koen Van Biezen may have been a gifted libero in the Sporting Hasselt and SK Tongeren of the early 1970s, but the British group THE KVB is not named after him either. After whom or what then? We're guessing, drive straight on for another kilometer until you get to exit Wikipedia, ask again there. Focus on the music and, you have nothing else to do anyway, dive into the discography of this British duo. Mind you, with the pile of tapes, singles, EPs and LPs that The KVB has slung onto the market since 2011, you can build a maze that dwarfs that of The Shining. The cat that finds its young in there has yet to be born, but new record "Tremors" should see the light of day sometime this year. Forgive us our guesswork but we're kind of assuming that The KVB is again fiercely defending the recipe of their formula. Shoegaze and often shadow-shrouded electronica stand side by side and guarantee a rhythm on which it is delightful to dance. Live, they add a lot of spectacular visuals and an appropriate light show and you are in for a 45-minute trip through a beautiful but not always colorful musical landscape. This ode to past and present can be experienced with us on Sunday, August 4, in our Club Studio Brussel.