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The Murder Capital

Club Studio Brussel


Look, we certainly don't want to belittle the musical history of, say, Sint-Lievens-Esse, Beveren-Waas or Genoelselderen, but we do think that it doesn't amount to much compared to the musical riches and triumphs that the sons and daughters of Ireland's capital city, Dublin, have ensured. Dublin, where children are fed directly from the delivery room to a rehearsal room, where porridge spoons are used as drumsticks and where porridge bottles and breast milk are filled with all the nutrients needed to stand your ground in the world of rock'n roll. The foundation (The Dubliners), the shell (Thin Lizzy) and the castle itself (U2) were built years ago, with newer and more ferocious sensations like Fontaines DC and THE MURDER CAPITAL, the roof is about to come off again in 2024. The Murder Capital occasionally looks over its shoulders, into the graveyard where the graves of Joy Division and The Fall still stand proudly upright, but does things with its legacy that an Ian Curtis and Mark E. Smith can do nothing but chuckle at. After all, you can't expect thigh-slapping fun from guys like that now, either. They did three concerts in our country last year (Trix, Werchter, Botanique) and three times fans and reviewers had to lie down for an hour afterwards because of too much excitement. With two records, seven singles, a bunch of anthems and a live show as sharp as a freshly sharpened pencil, the roof of our Club Studio Brussel will hopefully not come off too hard on Monday, August 5. Let's check our family insurance contract.