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The Prodigy



Here in Lokeren we have already received some punk dynasty. We got Iggy on our stage a few times, we had Johnny Rotten and his guns as guests and a few years ago even a real Ramone played with us. But in terms of intense punk violence and seismological alarms near Lokeren, no one comes close to the volcanic punk shows of THE PRODIGY here with us. Frank Deboosere in 2007 talked about unearthly tremors in the Waasland region, Jill Peeters in 2018 talked about a cyclone, we have already sent Jacotte Brokken a whatsapp because there is something waiting for us, on Thursday, August 8. So The Prodigy, makers of crackers, of 'Smack my bitch up', of 'Charly', of 'No good (start the dance)', 'Breathe', 'Firestarter', 'Invaders must die' and the iconic 'Out of space'. Rulers of the ravetent too, kicking the most radically shy wallflowers toward the spotlight, where they invariably become the Capo di tutti capi of the dance floor. It's no secret that not everyone from The Prodigy is still among us, live shows by Liam Howlett and co are outright celebrations of life these days. Go completely wild for an hour, life is too short to stay in your porch. You know, people sometimes say that everything used to be better, but we gentlemen of the Lokerse Feesten are old enough to know how Thursdays used to be: with Hoger Lager and Dallas on TV. Well, with us on Thursday, August 8, you can not only catch the best rapper of all time (NAS), but also the most sensational live band to ever make it past Belgian customs.