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The Warning

Club Studio Brussel


It's not easy to announce a band from Mexico without falling into the dangerous trap of clichés. The subjects Singer No Name, sombreros, tequila and Mariachi are to be avoided like the Mexican flu. So what shall we talk about? Well, THE WARNING, for example. Three sisters with black eyeliner, a leather jacket and a bunch of instruments that rock your neck carpet into another fold. And while the sisters were still sisters - 2013 - they decided to just cover "Enter sandman," slinging the self-assembled video toward Youtube. With anyone else, that would earn them a few thousand hearts after which they ended up back in obscurity but he The Warning never got the genie back in the bottle. Meanwhile, we are a couple of records and world tours further and everywhere the ladies shoot their pandering, venue owners have to disappoint latecomers because they are sold out. Recent singles like "More" (2023) and "Sick" (2024) blow even more wind into the power rock trio's sails. The Warning will play at our place at Club StuBru on Tuesday, August 6. Korn is also coming that day so those who want tickets: vamos!