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Recently we were sitting in a brown pub in the heart of Nantes with a couple of locaux debating what is now the best French dance record of all time. They had their opinion, rather fanatically, and we had ours. And our final report is: 1. "OK Cowboy" (2005) and 2. "Flashmob" (2009), the first two records by VITALIC (Pascal Arbez-Nicolas). Was it the excess of red wine, was it Sporting Lokeren's victory against FC Nantes in 1981 (4-2!) or our self-confidence, dieu may know, but before we knew it we were being chased by an enraged crowd roaring loudly Aux armes, citoyens, formez vos bataillons, marchons marchons, with frozen baguettes in hand. And yet, the coolest DJs in the world (the Dewaele brothers, Aphex Twin, ...) knew well enough what they were doing by throwing early tracks like "Poney part 1" or "La rock 01" into their sets. Every time Vitalic flew through the room, the crowd turned into a set of synchronously moving bodies, a spontaneous choreography of waving arms, flexing feet and smiles, lots of smiles. And after an hour? languidly sitting down, as the spring of desire quietly tightens and everyone recharges themselves for an extra half hour of bisongs, the happiness meters in the room turning dark red. Even as far away as the United States they recognize Vitalic's genius and for the last twenty years, the man's live sets at our biggest festivals have been a welcome alternative after the I did it all for the nookie's and Schisms of the other headliners. By the way, every artist considers his records as his own children so in order not to antagonize Vitalic we like to mention that not only his two elders are cute and beautiful, also on later records such as "Voyager" (2017) or "Dissidaence" (vol. 1 & 2) he can be apethetic. Alright, we wrap up: Vitalic is the headliner at our soirée that colors pretty blue white red with Phoenix. Samedi le 3 août.