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Front 242



Flowers or wreaths are not immediately afoot but still, the high-speed train called FRONT 242 is quietly approaching its terminus. And the name Front 242 we pronounce here with the hand on the heart and an I'm-not-worthy nod in the voice because with Muammar Funkahdafi's gruff gaze and burly desert tent, what infinite ecstasy this group brought to the youth of the 1980s. Suppose, we can't imagine, but suppose you haven't turned on the radio since 1980: maybe a little introduction anyway? Front is the John, Paul, Ringo and Richard 23 of the European music scene. Once founded with a four-point plan: 1. Throw all the guitars into the Zenne. 2. Create a group sound that enriches the most pleasant sounds of Forges de Clabecq or Cockerill Sambre with genius rhythms and danceable beats. 3. Ensure that the concert halls are populated by a hard core of fans as fanatical as they are terrifying. And 4. You catch the man. However, in the 80s Front 242 had very few friends in the Dutch music press and if the band was written about, the journalist did so with thumb and index finger on his nostrils. But genius goes where it won't and thanks to a classic fifteen or so albums, you and we count Front 242 among the very greatest in Belgian music history. However, everything comes to an end and their already legendary performance at the Lokerse Feesten 2024 - Sunday, August 4 - is one of the very last stops where they will give an acte de presence. Come and experience Front 242 one last time in the open air and wave them off like a legend like Front 242 should be waved off, with an iron fist in the air and an In the naaaaame of Jesus, Hallelujah!