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Richard Hawley



And now for something completely different.  We've had a lot of banging here, we've had some hopping, we've survived Hoempapas, Mötley Crüe and life-threatening circle pits and we've revived Cherry Moon. Time for something different, because with RICHARD HAWLEY we bring in the undisputed Emperor, King, Admiral of Romance. Are we proud of that? Did The Beatles ever make a record that caught on? Hawley had a brief romance with Pulp but did not begin his real conquest of international hearts until he started making solo records, in 2001.  Eight of those he has since composed together, one by one they sound like Best Ofs. And with Coles Corner, he has a timeless masterpiece on his record. Hits that never became hits, because of the endless stream of Eurodance, R&B or German cannon hard rock that blocked the path toward commercial success. Not that Hawley lets something as banal as a hundred and fifty-fifth place on the charts get to his heart. For the most part, his music sounds timeless and feeds your nostalgia for a time that may never have been. Although English, he sounds more like a Walker Brother than a Gallagher Brother. The music is pregnant with drama and supreme beauty, his warm voice anointing like a cello at a crackling fireplace. Half an hour of browsing the Richard Hawley section of Spotify should be enough to get you radicalized at breakneck speed until you are a convinced R.H. fanatic. Richard is coming to play at our house on Wednesday, Aug. 7. Anyone paying close attention will notice that that is the day Chris Isaak is also coming, so as of now, August 7, 2024 is described in the books as The Day Of The Melting Hearts.