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You wouldn't expect it in these Internet times but England is a country that still carries thousands of secrets. For example, have you heard of Dorchestershire sauce? Neither have we and neither has Colruyt, at least it's not available here. Or you should search Waze for the unsightly Piccabilly Circus, on the north side of Sunderland. The last time we entered it, Waze loudly commanded us to leave it alone and call a cab. An even better example: WARGASM, a duo from London consisting of Milkie Way (♀) and Sam Matlock (♂ and son of Sex Pistol Glen Matlock), two young photographic model men who may look sexy and hip but who, more importantly, summarize sixty years of rebellious rock'n roll with their sound, making their songs sound like clenched fists. On your eye and nose. Here, across the water, WARGASM may be a new name, in the UK, all their digital singles with the indie charts do over and over again what Bonnie & Clyde did back then. Drop in and hit. Just stop them. WARGASM's rock'n roll sparks so much that we'd better watch out with a gas leak nearby or all of Lokeren will be wiped off the map. No, not convinced by our sales pitch? Maybe we better drop some names, for your conviction? We read about collaborations with H09909, Enter Shikari and Fred Durst, tours with Limp Bizkit, Yungblud, Babymetal and Corey Taylor, and most of all we hear a CD ("Venom," 2023) for which the British music press waved cleanly washed Union Jacks in collective euphoria. Listen to noise like "Do it so good," "D.R.I.L.D.O." or "Fukstar" and you risk so many goosebumps that Kentucky Fried Chicken will offer you a contract. WARGASM has the potential, the songs and the mug to drive Europe to Lotto Arenas or Vorsten Nationaal, but until then you can first admire them at Glastonbenny, an English festival that remains a well-kept secret for mainlanders - yet another one! - but then also on our stage on Tuesday, August 6.