Brides of Lucifer

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Thus shalt be written
on the pages of history

That on the 5th of days, of the 8th of months
in the 18th year of the 3d new millennium

All true believers are summoned to gather,
on the Holiest Lokerse Grounds of Metal

To experience
the most Sacred Invocation of the Goetia
as was described in the Great Book of Lies

Fearless, Heartless and enumerated 13 –
The Brides of Lucifer are coming back for you.

Re-descended upon the Earth for the first time
in the 17th year of the 3rd Millenium
invoked at a gathering called Graspop Metal Meeting.

Lucifer’s Brides appeared again later
at a sold out Ancienne Belgique in Brussels
in a sacred celebration amongst 2000 lost souls.

Cometh they fort
To see, hear and get mesmerized.
Follow and leave no one behind.