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Last week, it was a Tuesday night, during the until then rather dull meeting of the Lokerse Feesten board, someone asked whether we would announce KORN's arrival with quiet or rather with a loud drum. Rarely has a general roar of laughter sounded as deafening as it did that Tuesday, 9:45 p.m. You have to be serious, announcing a band like Korn in silence is a bit like going bear hunting with a rubber band and a paper prop. What the hell we're talking about here is Korn, a band with whom we all fell in love the moment grunge started to smell a little stale and we got nostalgic for the heavy metal 80s. So enter Korn, a group led by a completely unhinged Jack-of-all-trades-with-a-pood bag, in which metal guys in flashy sweatpants and on basketball boots showed up, and who also had a groovy style that allowed us to automatically dance the last bits of Stone Temple Pilots or Spin Doctors out of our hair. It was the time of 'A.D.I.D.A.S.', 'Blind' or 'Got the life' and after about three years many of the youth clubs in the Netherlands could build a new dance floor, so hard did we stamp our feet when 'Freak on a leash' was once again blasting through the boxes. Remember the first time you heard 'Here to stay' (2002), unprepared? That bass line sounded like a bulldozer driving into your intestines to perform a colonoscopy, didn't it? Since then, new records by Korn are still a guarantee of staggering sales figures but especially earth-shattering concerts, as we will experience one in Lokeren on Tuesday, August 6. Folks, that includes our staff working on the grounds that night, who don't know any better and expect a quiet drum: no it's not a bulldozer in your bowels, it's Korn, who will be pounding out the metal concert of the year in Lokeren.