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Oscar and The Wolf



“I think of my songs as almost as Disney music for adults,” Belgian artist Max Colombie, in his own words on his longtime platinum-selling recording project Oscar and the Wolf. Since entering the circuit with Entity in 2014, Colombie became one of the most unlikely yet celebrated success stories in his home country and abroad: an artist fluidly bypassing known musical conventions –a hot-blooded, sensual vocabulary of pop, R&B, EDM and alternative that straddles both the mainstream and the cutting edge. Colombie is a magnetic performer who seamlessly connects his sonic world with striking, evocative imagery, deftly balancing the pop spectacle with raw unfiltered emotion. If there is one constant in Oscar and the Wolf’s jubilant career, it’s Colombie’s ability to court both melancholy and euphoria in often curious and distinct ways. Debut LP Entity (2014) was still rooted in alternative folk and dream pop, whereas follow up Infinity (2017) lifted the project to the bliss and bombast of widescreen club music. Oscar and The Wolf’s third album The Shimmer (2022) lifted the veil further under a backdrop of tantalizing, sun-kissed synth-pop. Over the years, Oscar and the Wolf achieved a steadfast headliner status, consistently selling out venues of a staggering 20,000 capacity with spectacular performances.

The sheer range of festivals Colombie and his band members have played is a testament to his range as an artist; from pop and alternative festivals such as Pukkelpop and Best Kept Secret to EDM staples like Tomorrowland. Oscar and The Wolf has amassed a huge Middle Eastern fanbase across Turkey, Egypt, Israel and Iran, as well as becoming a household name in the biggest European markets. Not limited to just the music world, Oscar and The Wolf have also made a big splash in the fashion industry. Max was commissioned by famous designer Dries Van Noten to create the soundtrack for the 2015 spring/summer collection at Paris Fashion Week.

In the summer of 2023, Oscar and The Wolf triumphantly returned to the big stage after an extended absence. Popular single “Warrior” was chosen as the official song for the Belgian National team during the World Cup. The song–which became the subject last year of a short documentary – marked a deeply personal introspection for Colombie to face his deepest, darkest anxieties head on. It sparked a new leap of faith towards a bold new phase in the career of Oscar and The Wolf. The expressive new single “Angel Face” is the first taste of a new, more vulnerable Oscar and The Wolf, one where the facade of Colombie's shiny pop persona is gradually lifted, and a more candid, open-hearted impression of the person underneath unravels.”I used to see myself as a character in scenarios that didn't really exist. Now, my work is becoming more and more autobiographical.”